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New Lotus Hypercar Name Revealed?

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Guess which letter it begins with.

We're only a few weeks away from the reveal of the all-new Lotus hypercar, currently dubbed the Type 130, slated to be an all-electric beast. Think of the Rimac Concept One's insane instant torque coupled with Lotus' outstanding chassis and suspension tuning. Consider us excited. So, what will Lotus name the car? Type 130 is simply its internal code name.

According to Auto Express, the British firm has trademarked the name 'Evija'. The trademark application states the name is registered under a variety of different trademark classes, including toys to vehicle development. Lotus refused to comment on the report, which is not a big surprise.

Now, it's also possible the Evija nameplate could be applied to yet another new Lotus sports car. Remember, the much-awaited Elise successor is also due in the next year or so and an Evora successor shouldn't be too far behind either. There's also the new SUV, which based on the most recent spy shots, could also boast an all-electric powertrain. That vehicle, however, is still a few years out.

But chances are, both the Elise and Evora successors will continue to use those names because of already established branding. Same goes for the next Exige, assuming there'll be one. Therefore, it makes sense for Lotus to use the Evija name for something entirely new from the ground up.

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The Type 130 fits the bill. Interestingly, Lotus has opted not to debut the hypercar at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, which kicks off late next week. Instead, Lotus has set a July 16 reveal date in London. This event will definitely be quite something considering a new Lotus doesn't appear very often.