New Lucid Air GT Performance Is America's Most Powerful EV

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The 1,111-hp Dream Edition is sold out, so this is its replacement.

The Lucid Air hasn't been with us for all that long, but what little time it has spent with us has been put to good use to show what it's capable of. Its battery pack is something truly amazing and the real-world performance of the mega EV is something to behold too, as the Porsche Taycan recently found out. As you can imagine, the Dream Edition Performance is the most sought-after model, but with only 520 Dream Edition models made, and all spoken for, getting a 1,111-horsepower sedan isn't quite as easy anymore. That's why the EV startup has a new offering. With a similar 1,050 hp on tap, Lucid has just revealed the Grand Touring Performance. Slotting between the Grand Touring and the Dream Edition, this new model brings otherworldly performance at a slightly more accessible price point.

Lucid Motors Lucid Motors

The dual-motor Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance is being touted as the "most powerful electric vehicle currently available in North America," subtly reminding us that the more powerful Dream Edition Performance has had all 520 units spoken for. But back to the GT Performance, which boasts an EPA-estimated driving range of 446 miles and can do 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

"Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance answers the strong demand we continue to see for higher-performance versions of the Lucid Air," said company CEO Peter Rawlinson. "The remarkable speed with which we are able to conceive and bring this model to market is possible only because of Lucid's high degree of vertical integration and in-house production of our proprietary EV powertrain and battery pack technology."

Lucid Motors 2021-2022 Lucid Air Front Seats Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Front Seats

The Air Grand Touring Performance inherits much of its standard equipment from the standard Grand Touring Model - which is the longest range EV in America at 516 miles according to the EPA. Both come with a panoramic Glass Canopy, the Lucid UX with a 34-inch floating display and 5K resolution, and DreamDrive Pro, the brand's advanced driver assistance system. Also included are 21 Surreal Sound speakers with Dolby Atmos compatibility, Intelligent Micro Lens Array LED headlights, heated and ventilated front seats with massaging, soft-close doors, and a power opening and closing system for the trunk and frunk. As you'd expect, 900V+ charging is possible, meaning you can recoup up to 300 miles of range in 21 minutes on a 350-kilowatt DC fast charger.

Lucid Motors 2021-2022 Lucid Air Dashboard Lucid
2021-2022 Lucid Air Dashboard

Newly designed 21-inch Aero Sport wheels are standard on the Performance too, while color options include Stellar White, Infinite Black, Cosmos Silver, Quantum Grey, and Zenith Red.

Lucid says that deliveries of the "regular" Grand Touring model (which produces 819 hp, up from an earlier estimate of 800) have already begun while deliveries of the new Performance model will begin in June of this year for the US and in August for Canada. Before deliveries happen, however, one needs to make a payment. Americans will be met with an MSRP of $179,000 - $10,000 more than the Dream Edition Performance - while for our northern neighbors, the price will be CAD$242,000 before taxes. Not cheap, but what do you expect from one of the most advanced EVs on the planet?

2021-2022 Lucid Air Central Console Lucid

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2021-2022 Lucid Air Front Seats

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