New Luxury EV From China Has 617 HP, Incredible Technology, And A $31,000 Price Tag

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Meet the Skyworth Skyhome, a private jet for the road.

A new challenger from China aims to hit the Lucid Air, BMW i7, and Mercedes EQS where it hurts. Say hello to the oddly-named Skyworth Skyhome, a superbly styled luxury sedan with a cabin to rival a Gulfstream.

Skyworth is an automotive subsidiary of Skywell, an electronics group based in China.

The fully electric sedan, which recently debuted in its home country, will be offered in two flavors. The range-topper will reportedly boast dual electric motors that produce combined outputs of 617 horsepower. The manufacturer is promising sprightly acceleration, with a 0 to 62 mph time of 3.5 seconds.

But speed and power are not the main focus of the Skyhome. For that, we have to look inside. The interior is exquisite and emphasizes passenger comfort (particularly in the rear). Aside from a BMW Theater Screen-style rear display, the Skyhome boasts a generously sized refrigerator that can swallow several champagne bottles and soda cans.

Skywell Skywell Skywell Skywell

Individual rear seats cocoon occupants in supreme comfort. The automaker hasn't provided much detail, but the seats appear to be trimmed in a high-end textile, not leather. This trend has become increasingly popular among automakers as more consumers become more aware of environmental concerns. Naturally, the seats can be reclined and even boast massaging functionality.

If the sizeable fold-down screen is a bit overwhelming, more traditional screens (integrated into the front headrests) can also be used to view media content. Rear passengers also receive their own climate controls.

The driver and front passenger haven't been forgotten, either. The clean, uncluttered fascia is plush without being overtly stodgy, doing away with traditional decorative elements and replacing it with elegant lighting and details. A single screen spans the width of the dashboard, incorporating the digital dials, the infotainment system. and a passenger display. We're not too sure about the Tesla-style yoke steering wheel, though.

Skywell Skywell Skywell Skywell

Passengers enter and exit the rear quarters quickly thanks to the elegant rear-hinged doors, which add a bit of drama to the Skyhome's design. In terms of exterior styling, we think it's rather attractive. Instead of copying from Western designs - something many Chinese automakers do - Skyworth has looked at China's rich culture and heritage for inspiration.

The svelte EV has curvaceous bodywork, with subtle lines and recesses lending the vehicle plenty of character. For example, the curvature in the side profile creates the impression of restrained athleticism. At the rear, an elegant liftback design puts one in mind of the Cadillac Celestiq, but the Skyhome still looks distinctive compared to the American Caddy.

Even the lights have been carefully thought out. The front matrix lighting has been inspired by the "glazed tiles of Chinese architecture," while the third brake light creates a reflection in the rear glass, shining a China Red hue.

Skywell Skywell Skywell

The vehicle is bristling with innovative technology. The cornice wings slide back while the car moves, cutting wind resistance by 3% and conserving range. Under emergency braking, the wing can also tilt up by 5%, increasing stopping power.

Elsewhere, the amusingly named "Ten Smart Butlers" intelligent assistant uses Artificial Intelligence to help the driver with everything, from time management and development planning - even "financial advisors" and "emotional protection," whatever that may be. The Skyhome Intelligent system can understand complex commands and is always on standby, allowing occupants' wishes to be fulfilled at a moment's notice.

There's even a system that can monitor non-contact vital signs. According to the manufacturer, it uses human medical biometrics and can "realize early assessment and intervention of users' disease risks." That sounds quite advanced, but we'll reserve judgment until the vehicle is officially available.

Skywell Skywell

Naturally, the luxury sedan has a sophisticated suspension system. Dubbed "Skyworth Aladdin 1.0," the system comprises a double-wishbone front setup, rear multi-link suspension, and, we presume, air suspension. The automaker claims the vehicle has a perfect 50:50 weight ratio, which should make it handle the bends rather well.

It's worth noting that this is a design study for now. Overseas reports suggest the production-ready vehicle will be 90% identical to the car seen here. If that's the case, we can look forward to something exceptional. And we haven't even gotten to the craziest part yet: the price.

Reports suggest a base MSRP of 220,000 yuan, which means the Skyhome will cost just $31,000 - an insane price for a car of this ilk. However, this is yet to be confirmed, so we expect a far higher price tag when it arrives. Would you like to see this sold in the United States? Let us know in the comments below.

Skywell Skywell Skywell Skywell Skywell

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