New Luxury Lexus Land Cruiser Has Been Delayed

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The LX gets hit by the chip shortage.

The global semiconductor chip shortage is seriously affecting pretty much every automaker out there right now. Whether it's a Ford, a BMW, a Cadillac, or just about any other type of car, the shortage is causing production delays and halting deliveries. Toyota is also among those affected, with its 2022 Land Cruiser among the models impacted. This SUV was only just revealed, and now the more luxurious alternative that is the Lexus LX600 has been affected too. That vehicle has yet to be launched, and Japanese publication Creative Trend reports that it may not make its 2021 debut at all.

2016-2021 Lexus LX Screens Lexus

The report states that a training and familiarisation session for Lexus staff was planned for November but may now be bumped to next year, thus indicating that Lexus does not expect the new LX to be ready before the end of the year. The problem is widespread at Toyota, with the automaker lowering its September production targets by a whopping 40% as parts and chip shortages across South-East Asia have forced complete production shutdowns at many of Toyota's manufacturing plants. Obviously, a wide variety of vehicles has been affected, but the Land Cruiser is worst affected as its production facility is expected to close for a full month.

2016-2021 Lexus LX Front Angle View Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Engine Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Rear Angle View Lexus

The Lexus LX being based on the Land Cruiser means that this model is also heavily affected, but hopefully, we'll get some good news soon. Last we heard, the range could be topped by an LX750h model. If the rumor proves true, we can expect that the all-new model will feature a V6 hybrid developing 480 horsepower and a whopping 642 lb-ft of torque. However, there will reportedly be more than just a beefy engine to look forward to, as rumors point to a fingerprint scanner for the start button, a new infotainment system, and more space than ever before. Here's hoping these supply issues can be resolved soon.

2016-2021 Lexus LX Rear View Driving Lexus
2016-2021 Lexus LX Front View Driving Lexus
Source Credits: Creative Trend

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2016-2021 Lexus LX Screens
2016-2021 Lexus LX Engine
2016-2021 Lexus LX Front Angle View
2016-2021 Lexus LX Rear Angle View
2016-2021 Lexus LX Rear View Driving

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