New Marque "Ant-Kahn" Previews Retro British Sports Cars

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New models set to be unveiled in the coming months.

New coachbuilder and sports car manufacturer Ant-Kahn was recently formed by the bosses of British boutique aftermarket firm A. Kahn Design and niche sports car maker Evanta. The new marque aims to revive British specialist vehicle manufacturing and seduce those who long for elegantly styled British sports cars of yesteryear built with modern safety and reliability. Ant-Kahn's first product will be the Flying Huntsman, a long-nose interpretation of the iconic Land Rover Defender.

It comes with 15 inches of additional bodywork and a GM-sourced 6.2-liter V8 tuned to 550 hp mated to a push-button six-speed automatic transmission. A prototype is set to be revealed in the coming weeks. Ant-Kahn is also working on a retro sports car set to debut at the 2014 Goodwood Revival in September. The firm's own design is inspired by the classic barchetta, with power coming from a LS3 unit rated at 450 hp. Limited to 20 units, each will feature a custom tubular frame chassis and a body formed from mixed composites and Kevlar.

A coachbuilt car based on a modern Aston Martin codenamed WB12, believed to be an aggressive interpretation of the Vanquish, will complete the new firm's maiden offerings. "We are already working on exciting future plans that extend from coachbuilt special editions to series manufacture of motor vehicles," Kahn said in a statement. "You will see a number of models come to fruition in the coming weeks and months."

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