New Maserati QPorte Scantily Clad

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Barely camouflaged, the next Maserati Quattroporte looks poised to borrow some aggression from its GranTurimso stablemate.

Two new Maserati sedans are currently under development, the 2014 Quattroporte and the smaller Ghibli. The former was recently spied for the first time in Italy without the heavy cladding we've become accustomed to. Wearing just a black and white body wrap to keep it camouflaged, the new sedan's styling has come into focus and it appears to have borrowed cues from the GranTurismo, especially around the head- and tail-lights and grille, which seem to borrow heavily from the two-door model.

Ferrari is set to build a new forced-induction V6 and naturally-aspirated V8 that will likely power this Italian sedan when it debuts at the Paris Motor Show this September. The six-cylinder model is tipped to produce somewhere in the region of 420 horsepower, with the V8 churning out closer to 520 hp. Maserati has made it clear it's targeting the big sedans from Germany that currently dominate the market segment. Maserati's parent company Fiat also wants to expand sales in Europe, North America and China - markets where luxury sedans play a large role.

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