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New McLaren Speedster Will Be An Absolute Stunner

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We can only hope it looks this good.

Last week, we learned that McLaren’s next Ultimate Series hypercar will be a two-seat, open-cockpit speedster in the same vein as the Ferrari SP1 and SP2, which will sit alongside the Senna and Speedtail. But whereas the Senna is heavily track-focused and the Speedtail is a high-performance grand tourer, the new, unnamed speedster is designed for pure driving pleasure.

So far, McLaren hasn’t released any teaser photos of its new speedster hypercar, but that hasn't stopped Allcarnews from producing a render imagining what it could look like. If it looks anything like this, the McLaren Speedster is going to be an absolute stunner.

To create this render, the artist used the 720S Spider as a base and merged it with the Speedtail’s front fascia. It then received a heavily modified side intake from the new McLaren GT, while its open top has been borrowed from the Ferrari Monza SP2 speedster, giving it a striking appearance. We can only hope the production model looks as mouth-watering as this.

Sources suggest the new McLaren Speedster will be powered by the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 as the Speedtail, but without any electrification. Since it’s designed for the road, the power output will likely be less than the Senna’s neck-snapping 789 horsepower. It also reportedly weighs only 2,641 pounds thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber and the lack of a roof, which is a figure that makes the Speedster lighter than the Senna, so it should have very agile handling.

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Production of the McLaren Speedster will be limited, with pricing expected to be on par with the Ferrari SP1 and SP2 at around $1.75 million. A planned reveal or launch date hasn't been revealed yet, but production of the McLaren Speedster is expected to start in late 2020 or early 2021 after the Speedtail.