New Mercedes-AMG A45 Spied Possibly Wearing Panamericana Grille

Spy Video

Too bad it will remain as forbidden fruit in America.

Mercedes-Benz is currently preparing the upcoming entry-level A-Class, which for the first time will be coming to the US in the form of a four-door sedan. There’s certainly nothing entry-level about its ludicrously luxurious interior. But while we’re happy that the A-Class is finally coming to America for the first time in 20 years, the US is once again being deprived of the hot Mercedes-AMG A45. The 2018 model is also being billed as the world’s most powerful hot hatch, just to make us even more jealous.

A new spy video has emerged, and we can’t help but lust over it. While previous spy photos have shown the new AMG A45 sporting a dual exhaust setup, this latest prototype clearly has a quad setup. AMG has already confirmed the 2018 A45 hatch will pack 400-hp.

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Other reports suggest a more powerful variant known as the ‘Predator’ is in the works too. This could be the model that gets the quad exhaust setup, as well as the rumored hybrid powertrain. The prototype in the video also appears to be wearing the Pamamericana grille that first featured on the AMG GT R last year. As standard, both versions of the hot hatch will feature all-wheel drive, while the Predator will benefit from additional chassis tweaks. In addition to extracting more power, the reworked turbocharged 2.0-liter will deliver additional torque allowing it to compete with the Audi RS3 Sportback. The A-Class will make its world debut at Geneva in March, so we’re not expecting to see the AMG A45 debut until towards the end of 2018.