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New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Will Be A Stunning Car

Of course it will, it's been styled on the new S-Class.

The latest set of spy shots of the next-generation E-Class reveals Mercedes-Benz has done a fine job on the new sedan. Without the heavy plastic camo, we get to see the line of the green house, and the new front end with its handsome new grille. Clearly, the new E-Class takes design inspiration from the S-Class, and that is a very good thing. Utilizing the same MRA modular platform as the new C-Class, the E-Class will of course be longer and wider, and will also be lighter and more rigid thanks to extensive use of lightweight materials in the new platform.

A nine-speed automatic, rolled out on the 2015 CLS-Class, is expected to be offered alongside a new straight-six powerplant, and the E-Class will once again come with five different bodystyles: sedan, long-wheelbase, wagon, coupe and convertible. There will also be a variey of gasoline and diesel engines as well as a plug-in hybrid variant and of course an AMG model. Mercedes is rumored to be planning a 2016 launch for the new E-Class.

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