2023 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Misses A Perfect Result In Moose Test

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But for the most part, the heavy plug-in hybrid sedan was predictable and secure.

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is the latest victim of the dreaded moose test. In true Mercedes-Benz fashion, it went rather well for the executive sedan. It looks almost exactly like the S-Class, and it avoids a hypothetical moose just as well.

The model in question, the C300e plug-in hybrid, is not available in the USA yet, but it bodes well for the standard C300 models already available. The C300e is obviously heavier than the normal C-Class, sans a heavy battery, and weight is always a killer when it comes to handling.

The EV skateboard platform may improve handling in certain cars, but the BMW i4's failure proved that it's not always the case.

km77.com/YouTube km77.com/YouTube

We recently spent some time with the new C-Class and found it to be pleasant. It doesn't provide much feedback through the steering, but km77's test proved that the steering responded well during the emergency maneuver.

The C-Class actually failed the 77 km/h (48 mph) test, which is the standard. Having said that, it only took out two cones on the inside of the second turn and remained flat throughout the rest of the run.

The highest speed the Merc could do without hitting cones was 45 mph, but the testers noted that the chassis felt like it could do better still. When pushing the limits and going beyond the standard 77 km/h, the car felt accurate and stable.


The cones are not actually the main issue when it comes to this infamous test. As we've seen a few times before, three real dangers are involved. When pushing on, most cars tend to understeer dramatically, like an earlier version of the Porsche Macan. The other problem is snap oversteer, like the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

But the biggest problem is lean and the car possibly toppling over. This is how the Toyota Hilux received its unfortunate reputation.

The video above shows that the C-Class keeps all its wheels on the ground, even when pushed beyond the limit. Not bad for a humdrum executive sedan.


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