New Mercedes CLS Coupe Looks Sleek And Stylish Ahead Of LA Debut

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The classy four-door coupe will be revealed next week.

The Mercedes CLS can be credited for starting the four-door coupe craze back in 2005, and now there's an all-new model just around the corner. Set to debut at the LA Auto Show next week, Mercedes-Benz has released the first official teaser image showing the luxury sedan's fetching face. If the teaser is anything to go by, the new CLS should be a very stylish sedan. Details are hidden in the shadows in the teaser, but the diamond-pattern grille has been refreshed, and the new LED headlights match the styling of current Mercedes cars.


The front bumper also appears to have been redesigned. Thanks to previous spy shots, we know that the new CLS will be bigger than its predecessor, but more curvaceous compared to the previous model's angular design. A second official teaser photo released by Mercedes also gives us a look at the red-accented interior of the all-new CLS. Unlike other Mercedes cars that incorporate two 12.3-inch screens, the instrument cluster and infotainment system is displayed on one ultra-wide screen. Like the exterior, the interior looks very stylish with red accents, ambient lighting, and air vents trimmed in carbon fiber.

It's also worth noting that Mercedes referred to the new CLS as the "CLS Coupe" on Facebook – it would make sense for this model to adopt the Coupe moniker to differentiate it from the Mercedes-AMG sports sedan previewed as a concept at this year's Geneva. So far, we know that the new CLS will be built on the same platform as its E-Class sibling, but will be longer and wider. Under the hood we're expecting the new CLS to be powered by the same inline-six-cylinder engine developed for the E-Class. In the E-Class, the 3.0-liter engine is rated at 408 horsepower but it remains to be seen if the output is increased in the new CLS which debut at the LA Auto Show on November 27.

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