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New Mercedes Infotainment Lets You Purchase New Features

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Wave goodbye to buyer's remorse.

Have you ever driven off the lot in a brand-new car, then noticed a few days later you were missing an important feature you simply forgot to order? This is called buyers remorse and it affects many people who purchase brand-new cars. Optioning a car can be a difficult task, with so many trim levels and features to pay attention to. If you do leave the dealership without a specific feature, it can often be difficult or impossible to add it post-purchase.

Tesla has become the master of solving this issue with its handy over-the-air updates, adding new features without owners having to visit dealerships to get them. Mercedes will now offer its own unique solution on its new MBUX infotainment system.

Even after purchasing a vehicle, owners of cars equipped with MBUX can use the on-demand feature to shop on the Mercedes me Store. This ability will initially be available on the new A-Class, B-Class, and GLE but will expand to other models as MBUX is integrated into more cars. Owners will have the ability to purchase features such as digital radio, smartphone integration (Apple Carplay and Android Auto), and navigation without needing to visit a dealership or following a complicated install process.

Mercedes says the entire process only takes a few clicks and can be done by the second or third owners. This should increase resale value as second owners will easily be able to add these features even if the car wasn't equipped with them from the factory.

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We think Mercedes is on to something here and we'd love to see more automakers offer post-purchase features. Mercedes is also thinking ahead as digital radio will become mandatory for new vehicles in the European Union starting in 2020. Obviously, there are some limitations to what can be added post-purchase, so you won't be able to buy hardware features such as blind spot monitoring or surround-view cameras. Even so, we are excited to what others options Mercedes will make available on its Mercedes me Store.