New Mercedes Platform May Underpin Future Aston Martins Sports Cars

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This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

The bond between Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz appears to be strengthening. A recent report suggested the German carmaker has its sights on acquiring the British marque, while the latest news courtesy of Automobile says that a new Mercedes platform could find its way into a few Aston models. Mercedes' new MSA platform is being developed for the next-gen SLK and SL sports cars.

Aston hasn't got the capital to buy the platform and the models spawned from it – ostensibly a future Vantage and DB9 – so will likely have to give up more shares to make the acquisition.That's according to an anonymous board member for Daimler, who acknowledged Mercedes would also be willing to let Aston Martin have access to a new SUV platform for its planned Lagonda SUV, after it debuts in the next-gen GL-Class. The big risk for Daimler is giving Aston access to its new platforms only for a rival firm to buy-out the British carmaker. Of course, there's no stopping Daimler getting in on the purchase first.

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