New Mercedes SL Will Be Inspired By One Of The Most Stunning Cars Of All Time

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Mercedes is cooking up another breathtaking roadster.

With the introduction of the flagship AMG GT and the S-Class convertible, the long-running SL seems to be the one model Mercedes-Benz just forgot about. Just look around at the entire Mercedes lineup and along with the GLS, the SL has one of the most out-of-date interiors and exterior styling. Which is why Mercedes is currently working on the next-generation SL that's rumored to have plenty in common with the AMG GT. In an interview with Car Advice at CES, Mercedes design boss, Gordon Wagner, said the next SL will borrow design inspiration from one of the prettiest Mercedes models ever built.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

"Even though I have been 20 years in the company, I have never done an SL, except for the next one that will come which will be the closest to the nicest SL, which for me is the 300 SL," said Wagner. Of course, Wagner is referring to the famous 300 SL Gullwing, which was built form 1954 to 1963 and is often thought of as the prettiest and most iconic car Mercedes has ever produced. Wagner says the Gullwing was "was [like] a UFO" when it was first revealed and wants the new SL to have the same sort of impression.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

However, don't expect the SL to come with the gullwing doors of the original. "Of course not [a gullwing,] but a completely new design. Not a retro design or anything but take the DNA and spirit of [the 300SL] for the new car. I can just say the future of the SL will be very, very bright," Wagner explained.

The letters 'SL' originally stood for Sportlich-Leicht (Sport Lightweight), something the current SL hasn't been for many years, so perhaps this new model could go back to using a more simplistic design.

We've heard various rumors about what will power the new SL, including a hybridized V8 pumping out 800 horsepower. No matter what sits under the hood, we are excited to see what Mercedes has in store for the SL.

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