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New Mitsubishis Will Soon Receive A Massive Injection Of Style

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Courtesy of the company's new Executive Design Director.

Mitsubishi was once a haven for the enthusiast driver, with models such as the 3000GT, Eclipse, and Lancer Evolution. Now the brand has shifted its focus almost entirely to crossovers, with only the Mirage as its sole non-SUV offering. We have been wishing for a Mitsubishi renaissance with the return of some of the company's cool models, but instead, we got yet another crossover which bears the name of what was once a pretty cool sports coupe. Fortunately, Mitsubishi just made an important hire that could change the company's entire brand image.

Mitsubishi CEO Fred Diaz has placed a massive priority on improving the company's "distressed" brand image and becoming relevant again with an injection of new models (most likely crossovers and electrified vehicles). In order to meet this goal, the Japanese automaker has hired Alessandro Dambrosio as its new Executive Design Director. Dambrosio previously worked as the head designer at Alfa Romeo for eight years before joining the Volkswagen Audi Group in 2009. As Executive Design Director, Dambrosio will report to the corporate vice-president of Mitsubishi's design division, Tsunehiro Kunimoto.

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Looking back at Dambrosio's portfolio gives us confidence that Mitsubishi can start building interesting cars once again. At Fiat, he worked on the Alfa Romeo 159, Giulietta, and Mito, as well as the Maserati Gran Cabrio. After jumping ship to VW, Dambrosio worked on the Polo and Passat, Bentley Bentayga, Audi A4/A5, and TT Sportback Concept. There are some very pretty cars in Dambrosio's portfolio, so we hope Mitsubishi will give him the creative freedom to design some stunners.