New Morgan AR P4 Gets Extreme Makeover And A Cosworth-Powered Engine

AR Motorsport helps celebrate 65 years of the Plus 4.

Morgans are hard to describe. The automaker’s most popular Plus 4 model somehow blends old-world charm and modern technology into a fun package. AR Motorsport, the team responsible for getting Morgans on the track, has worked its magic and created the beautiful Morgan AR P4. The AR P4 is limited to 50 models, packs a Cosworth engine under its hood, has larger brakes, an adjustable suspension, a revised chassis and a new axle ratio.

Cosworth has gone to town on Ford’s 2.0-liter engine, which now produces 225 hp. Now word on performance, but the AR P4 should be able to get to 62 mph in approximately six seconds. The AR P4 isn’t all go, however. The company has spent a lot of time in making the sporty Morgan more enjoyable on the road. The vehicle benefits from a new dash, better soundproofing and LED lighting. To put the AR P4 over the top, there’s exposed aluminum, plenty of ash wood and stylish leather. At roughly $85,400, the AR P4 is the Morgan we’d have and the one we lust over.

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