New MX-5 Miata to Launch at Chicago 2015


With an elongated hood housing naturally-aspirated engines, the new MX-5 will debut where the original Miata first launched.

The all-new Mazda MX-5 is set to arrive in 2015, and according to Autocar the launch of Mazda’s “best-looking car ever” will take place at the Chicago Motor Show, where the original MX-5 launched back in 1989. New, muscular proportions are the focus of the newly designed two-seater. A long hood will emphasize its rear-drive powertrain that, contrary to previous reports, will not be turbocharged. Mazda has decided instead to opt for naturally-aspirated variants of its SkyActiv gasoline engines.

Despite having modest output figures, a curb weight of around 2,400 pounds will give the fourth-gen MX-5 the best power-to-weight ratio in the car’s history. Previous reports suggested the weight would be as low as 2,220 pounds, but a Mazda insider revealed that figure was proving difficult to make a reality. The MX-5 and platform twin RX-7 Coupe will have its own unique styling and individual interpretation of Mazda’s ‘Kodo’ design language. The aim is to get it looking tighter, with simple body surfaces and front fascia. As with the current MX-5, the new model will come with a folding metal hard-top and conventional soft-top with the former said to be lighter and better packaged allowing for more boot space.

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