New Nissan Frontiers Are Being Shipped Without An Important Feature

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Customers are getting a credit instead.

The ongoing semiconductor chip shortage has been affecting pretty much every manufacturer. Although some automakers are handling the situation better than others, the industry at large is suffering. Ford had to halt production of the F-150 recently, and the Blue Oval is not alone. GM has had to cut production recently too, and the problem is showing no signs of slowing. But it turns out that chips aren't the only things in short supply for some manufacturers. According to a report from The Fast Lane Truck, the Nissan Frontier is facing a shortage of tow hitches, with some models now being shipped without the feature despite it being specified by buyers.

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One Nissan customer noticed the issue and approached the local Nissan representatives for some clarity. Here's what was learned in the words of the customer:

"I was noticing that when you go online and try to build one of the new 2022 Frontiers even if you select every package. That includes the Pro Convenience package which is supposed to come with a hitch. You're not gonna get it in a lot of cases right now. I was told by a regional person with Nissan in my area today that they're having a lot of supplier issues, so a lot of them are going to be shipped with a $495 credit on the invoice going to call it a Tow Package Delete. Because they're having supplier issues at this point until October 2021 (sic)."

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It's an unusual thing to be having a shortage of, and it's unclear why there is no inventory on hand, but Nissan has yet to clarify the situation. Still, the above image of a window sticker from an affected vehicle in Colorado proves that the Tow Package Delete is a real thing. Assuming that the abovementioned report from a customer is true, then it seems that the shortage is going to run for a couple of months. Hopefully, Nissan will allow affected customers to retrofit the missing towing paraphernalia at the same price once the supply issues have been resolved.

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Source Credits: The Fast Lane Truck

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