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New Nissan Jukes Ditches The Frog Face We Loved To Hate

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Thing is, Nissan won't let America have it.

We've known for quite some time now that Nissan has no plans to sell its second-generation Juke in North America. Instead, the Nissan Kicks serves as its replacement. However, the Juke nameplate still has value elsewhere, specifically Europe. That's why the Old World is about to receive a completely redesigned Juke that seems to have more conventional styling.

Nissan Europe has just released these teaser images of its new Juke testing at its Millbrook test track in the UK. Despite the camouflage, the new design is very much in line with the rest of Nissan's lineup. The frog face front end we loved to hate is apparently gone. And to be honest, we're going to miss the Juke here in the US.

Nissan says the new Juke, set to be unveiled next month, was designed in Europe and will continue its "unique identity, even more character, exciting performances and a leading level of connectivity that responds to drivers' evolving needs." The automaker also specifically points out the new Juke's "striking" 19-inch alloy wheels, athletic stance, expanded interior dimensions, and driver-assist features like ProPilot technology.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Kicks is not part of the automaker's European lineup because, quite obviously, that task remains assigned to the outgoing Juke and its upcoming successor. It's also important to mention that the new Juke is underpinned by a Renault platform which was very likely never homologated for North America.

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Under the hood, a fairly good guess will be 1.0- and 1.3-liter gasoline engines as well as a 1.5-liter diesel. It's also possible Nissan will offer a turbocharged 1.6-liter with around 200 horsepower. Like before, front-wheel-drive is standard and all-wheel drive will very likely be optional. A full review will happen on September 3 and sales will get underway late this year or early next year.