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New Nissan Kicks Concept Designed By Surfing Champions

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It even comes with a portable shower system.

With its attractive design, spacious interior, and affordable asking price, the Nissan Kicks is arguably one of the best subcompact crossovers in its class. To further demonstrate its versatility, Nissan has revealed a new concept based on the Kicks "designed for those in search of the perfect wave."

Created by the company's Latin American studio, the Nissan Kicks Surf was developed with input from brothers Alejo and Santiago Muniz, two surfing champions who compete for Brazil and Argentina respectively. The Kicks also happens to be the first global Nissan model to launch in Latin America.

To help meet the needs of surfers, the Nissan Kicks Surf comes equipped with roof crossbars for carrying boards, a rear deck for wetsuits and accessories, and a changing booth. It even includes a portable shower system and also comes with a water-resistant wrist band that can be used as a key to lock and unlock the doors.

The design of the concept was also inspired by Latin America's famous beaches and features a striking blue finish with contrasting yellow-green accents and graphics representing ocean waves. Inside, blue stitching complements the exterior colors.

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"We imagined it would have to be the perfect ally for the lifestyle and needs of surfers", said John Sahs who led the brand's design team. "Blue is an evolving color that goes from dark to light, and we used it to represent the variety of tones in ocean water. The bright yellow-green accents, together with blue, gives the Nissan Kicks Surf Concept vehicle a dynamic and sporty feel."

Nissan hasn't said if the Kicks Surf Concept will enter production, but some of its features could eventually be sold as optional accessories for the standard Kicks crossover.