New Nissan Leaf Has Zero Lift Thanks To Range-Enhancing Aerodynamics

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Its sleek shape was inspired by an airplane wing.

Nissan's teaser campaign for the new Leaf is in full swing ahead of its reveal in September. After showing how the EV can be fully operated using just one pedal, Nissan is now showcasing the car's advanced aerodynamics. While we're used to seeing automakers brag about the aerodynamic efficiency of the latest supercars, it's an important factor for EVs too, as aerodynamics affect how efficiently an electric car moves. The new Leaf's sleek shape was inspired by airplane wings to make the car more efficient and drive longer distances on a single charge.

The redesigned next-gen Leaf sits lower to the ground too, resulting in zero lift which should make the car more stable at high speeds. Nissan claims that other new design features "significantly stabilize the car" when hit by strong crosswinds. So far, we know that the new Nissan Leaf will come equipped with ProPILOT Assist technology enabling the car to drive itself on highways, and an "e-pedal" that allows the driver to accelerate, brake and decelerate using just one pedal. Despite all these aerodynamic improvements, the base model will reportedly only last 165 miles on a single charge with a 40 kWh battery. It's a step up from the current Leaf's paltry 107-mile range, but hardly impressive for modern-day standards.

A 60 kWh battery model will apparently achieve over 200 miles on a single charge, but this has yet to be confirmed. Nissan hasn't lifted the wraps off the new Leaf just yet. All will be revealed at a live event in Japan on September 5 before the second-gen Nissan Leaf makes its public debut at Frankfurt. Recent spy photos caught the EV not wearing any camouflage, revealing that it will look more eye-pleasing than its polarizing predecessor.

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