New Nissan Note To Come With Three-Row Seating

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And if it looks anything like this, we'll be demanding it gets brought stateside.

Nissan's comprehensive overhaul of key model lines - seen recently with the unveiling of the much-improved Sentra - seems set to continue with the next generation of the Note hatchback. As we get ready to say goodbye to the dated but strong-selling Versa Note hatchback (a new Versa sedan is still on the cards, though), the chances of the revised Note ever making it to the United States appear to be unlikely.

According to information obtained from Spyder 7, the all-new Note will not only feature a much more appealing exterior design (the rendering below shows a complete departure from the forgettable Versa Note), but a third row of seats as well.


The third row of seating will be made possible due to an extended wheelbase and the fitment of a rear sliding door - these features would certainly set the new Nissan Note apart in the compact segment, although with even some large seven-seater SUVs failing to offer much space in the third row, it remains to be seen what Nissan will achieve with such a configuration in a smaller car.

The new Note is also an opportunity for the Japanese marque to atone for the current Versa Note's poor interior quality, which has seen it struggle to compete with the more modern Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta.

2014 Nissan Versa Note Hatchback Badge Nissan
2017-2019 Nissan Versa Note Front Seats Nissan
2017-2019 Nissan Versa Note Rear Passenger Seats Nissan

The new Note will also benefit from Nissan's e-Power hybrid powertrain. The powertrain isn't a full-on EV, but offers the same instant responses without the hassle of needing to charge a battery. A gasoline engine charges a high-output battery when needed. Unlike a traditional hybrid, the e-Power's gas engine doesn't drive the wheels directly - it merely acts as a power generator for the battery.

In the new Note, expect a 1.2-liter three-cylinder gas engine delivering almost 80 horsepower and an electric motor with around 108 hp. Along with Nissan's much more exciting design direction, the new Note should be a far more competitive product when it is released in selected markets around mid-2020.

2014 Nissan Versa Note Hatchback Badge Nissan

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2017-2019 Nissan Versa Note Steering Wheel
2017-2019 Nissan Versa Note Front Seats
2017-2019 Nissan Versa Note Rear Passenger Seats
2014 Nissan Versa Note Hatchback Badge

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