New Nissan Z Hacked Up By Liberty Walk For Its Latest Widebody Creation

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Sure, some will like it, but hasn't this ruined the essence of what the car is meant to do?

Liberty Walk is no stranger to controversy, but the Japanese tuning house might be in for a little more than it bargained for after it revealed its first butchered, sorry, tuned Nissan Z this past week.

The kit itself was announced in May this year and accompanied by digital renders of what it would look like (copper and black car below), but seeing it in the metal, and seeing the metal being cut away to make it happen somehow makes it even worse.

The kit is officially called the LB Nation Nissan Fairlady Z RZ34 Works and falls under the LB Nation sub-division of the tuner.

Kato Wataru/Facebook Kato Wataru/Facebook Kato Wataru/Facebook

The complete kit comprises a new front bumper, front diffuser, three-piece ducktail rear spoiler, ducted hoot, and massive flared fenders, although you can order it without the latter. Available in either fiber-reinforced plastic or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, the full kit costs $9,328 and $11,583, respectively. All items can also be ordered as standalone pieces.

While the original renders suggested a move to fender-mounted rearview mirrors as a nod to the original Datsun 240Z, it appears Kato Wataru and co at Liberty Walk opted to retain the standard mirror position of n the first complete car.

Speaking of the first car, it doesn't just have the body kit fitted. It also features a set of Watanabe eight-spoke wheels, and a lowered suspension that sees the Z slammed to the floor.

Liberty Walk Liberty Walk Liberty Walk

The good news is that the suspension is not static, but rather an air suspension setup favored by Wataru-san on recent show cars like the slammed widebody Ferrari F40 we saw recently. This can be seen in the video of the fenders being cut, in which the dampers don't have coil springs around them. Instead, we can see the bellows for the air suspension setup.

To accommodate the fitment of the wheels within the widened arches, the original fenders had to be cut, while, at the very least, spacers were installed to give the car its wide stance.

We have no idea what other changes have been made, although we can't rule out some mega performance if Liberty Walk's recent Murcielago drift car is anything to go by, but we're absolutely certain this look won't appeal to everyone.

Liberty Walk Liberty Walk

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