New Off-Roading Trailer Lets You Sleep In The Most Remote Locations

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The nifty trailer will let you feel at home pretty much anywhere.

Camper conversions for products such as the Mercedes-Benz G-Class or Toyota Tacoma are always very cool and desirable to a lot of adventurers. But if you want a piece of camping equipment that isn't permanently attached to the body of your car, FlexCamp is currently underway with developing something that you might find appealing.

The off-road camping trailer design concept was first shown to us just about a year and a half ago and proposed a mobile and versatile option that you could just simply latch onto the back of your truck. The creator has now confirmed that the development phase of this product will continue in 2022. The reason for this delay is because a key member of the development team had unfortunately passed away.


So, what can we expect from this unique piece of camping equipment? As per FlexCamp's claim, the off-roading trailer boasts a permissible total weight of just under 4,000 lbs with a cargo load capability of 772 lbs. In off-road mode, the living space measures 175 inches long, 131 inches wide, and 120 inches tall with a ground clearance of 13 inches near the wheel and 16 inches in the middle. It would be fun to see a Ram 1500 TRX lug this thing around.

When expanded, owners are treated to all the amenities they may need in the great outdoors. Key features consist of two beds and extendable benches, an extendable table, a kitchen that can be used both inside and out (if you're feeling brave), four drawers that can be pulled out inwards and loaded from the outside for added convenience, a dry toilet, and two additional storage spaces.


If you're in the mood for a home-cooked meal while camping in the forest, the off-roading trailer also accommodates a Dometic HBG 2335, double-burner hob with two 13 lbs aluminum tanks. Comfort is also ensured via a Truma Combi 4 E hot water geyser that can be powered via gas or electricity. This sources water from a 20-gallon freshwater tank and can be sent to a small shower inside the trailer for those who want to ensure that they stay fresh after a grueling hike.

Further amenities consist of 230V, 12V, and USB power connections, a 160 Ah lithium-ion battery pack, and a Dometic Coolmatic CRD 50 refrigerator and freezer. Keeping things lit once the sun has set is a 360-degree exterior lighting package that sources power from the aforementioned battery. This can be further supported by an optional solar system package. Air conditioning for the interior is also optional.

Source Credits: FlexCamp

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