New Pagani C10 Teaser Shows Off Gated Manual Shifter

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What, you thought only Koenigsegg could build a modern hypercar with a manual?

The Pagani C10 is already shaping up to be something special. As the successor to the incredible Huayra family of hypercars, it has to be. As far back as 2019, we knew of the next-gen hypercar from the Italian brand. For now, it has been designated internally as C10, but we can be almost certain that it will receive an evocative name when the official reveal takes place in less than a week's time on 12 September 2022, at an event in Milan. So with less than a week to go, Pagani has kicked its teaser campaign into high gear with a new video showcasing what might just be the C10's best attribute - a gated manual shifter.

Pagani Pagani

In the video shared on the automaker's social media platforms, a few details are shown off. For one, perfect symmetry is displayed with a teardrop of exposed carbon fiber ahead of the cockpit, which has become a hallmark of the brand. But then, the exciting bits are glimpsed, such as a look at the V12 engine at the heart of the supercar - something Horacio himself is adamant about retaining in the future rather than switching to electric powertrains. We suspect this will be an updated iteration of the 6.0-liter twin-turbo unit from the Huayra, which in its most potent form produces 754 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque.

Then we're shown the gated manual, which boasts a simple H-pattern in a milled metal of some sort. This detail is particularly interesting as it appears to showcase seven forward gears. More than this, we suspect it may be a dogleg box, with reverse in the typical position of 1st gear and first in a down-and-to-the-left position. The shifter will have an exposed mechanical linkage, which will no doubt be compared to that of the Koenigsegg CC850. However, a sequential gearbox will also be available.

Pagani Pagani

Other details in the teaser include a two-tone leather interior with bolstered bucket seats, gold multi-spoke wheels housing large brake calipers and carbon ceramic discs, and twin-pod headlight projectors.

At the rear, Pagani's signature quartet of tailpipes once again features, but in a callback to the Zonda, is housed within a circular frame, while on the outer edges of the vehicle, stacked round taillights are displayed within what appears to be hollowed out sections of bodywork. Said bodywork will be made from carbon fiber and will form a structural role. The suspension will also feature carbon in its construction and will be just one of the components the C10 inherits from the development of the Huayra R.

Pagani Pagani

While we've previously seen a leak of the C10, it was later confirmed that it was an early design to lure in potential clients. The aesthetics will likely have been changed since then, although certain elements like the stepped design of the shoulder air intakes are being retained. The caption on the teaser simply states:

"A shape cannot be elegant if it is technically incorrect. And when the technical difficulty has been overcome, its beauty lies in the solution…#C10 is about to be unveiled to the world…"

This places high emphasis on the design being beautiful, which is something Horacio Pagani has always done, redesigning vehicles by hand that were aerodynamically optimized in a wind tunnel to be more emotional and evocative.

Next week can't come soon enough.

Pagani Pagani

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