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New Porsche 911 GT3 Shows Off Massive Rear Wing

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Here’s a first look at the new Porsche 911 GT3 on the move.

Porsche finally lifted the wraps off the new 992-generation 911 at the LA Auto Show last October. So far, we've only seen the Carrera S and 4S versions, but it's only a matter of time before the new GT3 and GT3 RS arrives.

Testing of the high-performance sports car appears to be at an advanced stage, as a barely disguised GT3 prototype has been spotted on the move undergoing testing on a highway in Stuttgart, Germany. It's tricky to tell if we're looking at the new GT3 or the more hardcore GT3 RS, but the former would make more sense since the standard GT3 will launch first.

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It's clear, however, that this isn't a standard Carrera – the massive rear wing and the dual exhaust tips are a bit of a giveaway. Unfortunately, the video was recorded at night so the visibility isn't ideal, and the operator has a hard time keeping the camera steady.

Porsche recently confirmed the new GT3 RS will retain its naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine, so the same should be true for the standard GT3 version. The range-topping variant will get an engine displacement increase, but it will still be labeled as a 4.0-liter unit as the increase will be small. A power increase is also expected over the current GT3 RS, which pumps out 520 horsepower. The current GT3, on the other hand, produces 500 hp, and rumors have suggested the new model could get a power increase to around 550 hp.

Like the current model, the new GT3 will send power to the rear wheels through a seven-speed PDK rather than the eight-speed auto found in the new Carrera S and 4S. We probably won't see the new GT3 until 2020, however. Deliveries for the standard Carrera are expected to commence this year, while the new 911 Turbo and Carrera GTS are expected to debut later this year.