New Porsche 984 is a 918 Spyder without the Hybrid

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Porsche is plotting a 918 Spyder spinoff with two extra doors and seats - and no hybrid system.

Stuttgart's two-seater plug-in supercar has been a vastly complex, long overdue project and has still to sell out. Porsche boasts a net profit per vehicle of $22,191, an unparalleled margin in the industry, yet the limited-edition 918 Spyder was completed way over budget. The board is thus exploring avenues to recoup some of that investment and according to Automobile, a 2+2 supercar dubbed the 984, based on a stretched variant of the 918's carbon-fiber cradle allowing for additional seats and doors, is a serious proposition.


The hybrid element would be ditched, leaving the 918's mid-mounted 4.6-liter dry-sump V8 turned up from 612 to 700 horsepower to do all the work with a seven-speed PDK penciled sending power to the rear wheels. A full-size concept has already been created and it's only a matter of time before it breaks cover. Pricing for the 984 would be around $450,000 – half that of the 918 – and although low volume it won't be limited with production to start in 2017. The Porsche 960 is also on the table. Known internally as "Fefi" for Ferrari fighter, the supercar will be pitted against the likes of the 458 Italia and come with a brand-new eight-cylinder "B8" boxer engine with 5.0 liters and twin-turbos.

The aim is to get to around 650 hp and hit 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds thanks to a low curb weight and all-wheel-drive. In other Porsche news, the carmaker plans to roll out an all-new 911 Targa in 2014 followed by a limited edition GT2 RS. A Caynne GTR edition is also expected in 2018 but the baby Panamera Pajun is currently on hold.

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