New Porsche Cayenne Coupe Coming With Taycan Styling

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We should see it revealed this year.

Porsche purists the world over may yet despise the existence of the Cayenne SUV and detest the existence of the Cayenne Coupe, but there's no doubt that these sporty luxury SUVs are huge sales successes. The addition of hardcore models like the record-breaking Turbo GT is fundamentally sacrilegious too, but one can't deny that it's an impressive athlete. If you still can't accept that the Cayenne deserves its place in the Porsche lineup, that's something you'll have to deal with alone because the Stuttgart-based automaker is currently working on facelifted versions of both the original SUV and its coupe counterpart. The latter has just been spotted by our photographers and although it's still got slightly awkward proportions, it's definitely going to be easier to look at than the current model.

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We had previously seen images of the Cayenne's baby brother, the Macan. With those, we discovered that the Macan EV would be getting headlights similar to those seen on the Taycan electric four-door. Now, however, it seems that all future Porsche's may be influenced by that car's styling cues, whether electric or not. The new Cayenne Coupe you see here is also getting sharper, with smaller, more squared headlights adding to its front-end appeal. As for the design of the bumper, it appears that this will only be lightly updated with minor changes to the grille. The hood has been massaged to suit the new headlight shape too, but that's about it for the front. The rear, however, is a totally different story.

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As part of Porsche's decision to unify the design of all its models, the Cayenne will be getting full-width taillights for the first time ever. The trend of long, narrow, horizontal taillights has really kicked off in recent years, but few pull it off as well as Porsche. Then again, these shots confirm that the taillights will be far more detailed than the simple strip you see on a 911, for example. Hopefully, Porsche doesn't over style this rear end, but if history has taught us anything, it's that Porsche has consistently improved the look of the Cayenne over the years, much as it has done with the Panamera. As a result, we feel confident that the refreshed Cayenne Coupe will be the best one yet.

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