New Porsche Experience Center To Be Built In California

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The sportscar manufacturer will add a second Experience Center in North America.

Porsche fans are going to have another American Mecca when the company completes its second North American Experience Center in California. The 53 acre site will be located less than 20 miles from downtown LA and a few minutes' drive from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Porsche announced back in May on the construction of a similar site near the its new headquarters in Georgia.

The latest facility will serve the west coast Porsche fans and is based at the center of the most important area of the American car culture. The centerpiece of the complex will be a test track and handling course, including areas where special surfaces replicate rain, ice, and snow conditions, including an Ice Hill, where a steep slope, computer-controlled water jets, and a low-friction surface will make life harder for Porsche customers. A special off-road area will combine 45-degree declines and ascents.

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Cooper Carry, an Atlanta firm designs the facility and Tilke Engineering, the German firm behind all the modern Formula 1 race tracks designs the test and handling track. Porsche investing $100m dollars in the two North American Experience Centers and the one on the west coast should open in 2013. Porsche has similar facilities in the UK, Germany and China.