New Porsche Game Lets Players Modify A 911 Carrera Or Nissan Z From Their Phone

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Grow your collection and compete with others on the app-based game, DesignCar.

Porsche Digital has updated its popular app-based DesignCar game, giving users more choices than ever before. New vehicles provide players with more cars to virtually collect and customize and compete with in fun challenges. And don't think you're limited to Porsche vehicles, like the 911 Carrera - the game boasts multiple desirable brands and models.

Aside from Bugatti, gamers can look forward to the new Nissan Z, and several other products from the brand, such as the legendary R32 Skyline GT-R. Land Rover, Audi, Infiniti, and Datsun are among the other available marques.


If you're a creative soul and have a keen eye for aesthetics, DesignCar may be the game for you. Players are able to configure photo-realistic 3D cars and put their own signatures on these virtual dream machines. Once the final touches have been placed on the wheeled work of art, app users can then compete in community-judged design challenges.

Prove successful, and you're awarded in-game currency that allows you to create even more exciting designs for your digital fleet. Porsche Digital says its free game is part of the company's mission to reach more enthusiasts on different platforms.


"For many car enthusiasts, it's not just about performance, it's also about design, creativity, and community. The wonderful thing about DesignCar is that it allows users to build the garage of their dreams full of their favorite cars regardless of their budget and to share it with the community," said Stephan Baral, Managing Director at Porsche Digital.

Players can even participate in branded challenges, with big names like Turo (the car-sharing company) and investment company Rally getting in on the fun. Porsche is a multi-faceted company and, while it's trying to save combustion engines with synthetic fuels, the German automaker has its hand in many pies.


Earlier this year, the Zuffenhausen-based marque announced the advent of Virtual Roads. While it sounds like just another game, it's rather unique. Porsche owners can record a particularly spirited drive and then transfer it to the digital world, where it can be enjoyed in video game form.

"If you ask people what they think is the most beautiful road, everyone has their own, very personal route in mind. We want to trigger these great memories with a much simpler digitalization process that allows anyone to drive their favorite route virtually," said a Porsche representative at the time.


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