New Ram Rampage Is A Handsome Ford Maverick Fighter With A Classy Interior

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Here's your first look at the baby Ram pickup truck.

Ram has finally whipped the covers of its latest truck, the Rampage, which will launch for the South American market. The handsome compact pickup was teased in a new video which provides us with even more insight into the newcomer.

Let's start with the design. While style is subjective, we think the Rampage is a rather good-looking thing, with a front end that mirrors the imposing Ram 1500. A prominent honeycomb-patterned front grille with a large RAM script is flanked by slim headlights with C-shaped daytime running lamps. The bumpers, wheel arch cladding, side mirrors, and grille surround appear to be finished in a gunmetal grey hue, giving the truck a rugged yet sophisticated look. At the rear, we can see more of the Ram 1500's influence, with vertical taillights and a squared-off fascia.

Unlike the 1500, the Rampage has a unibody design - much like the Hyundai Santa Cruz, Honda Ridgeline, and Ford Maverick.

Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube

The taillight clusters feature a contemporary lighting signature, lending the Rampage more flair when viewed from behind; the stripes almost resemble those on the American flag, which could be a nod to Ram's heritage. Elsewhere, you'll notice the tasty-looking two-tone wheels.

However, the main focus of the latest video actually centers around the model name of the vehicle. We previously suggested the Rampage would be sold as the 1200, but Ram has landed on this historic name instead. "We found a historic name that has already been used for the brand," explains Breno Kamei, Head of RAM Brand South America. "It represents a lot that the car will offer." He added that he expects this name "will definitely make a mark on a generation."

If you're not aware, Dodge sold a compact unibody truck called the Rampage (it was also marketed as the Plymouth Scamp) between 1982 and 1984. The name later made a comeback on the 2006 Dodge Rampage Concept.

Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube

Earlier teaser videos confirmed the Ram will be powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. As a Stellantis product, there's a chance the Rampage will wade into battle with the 200-horsepower four-pot also found in the Jeep Compass and Cherokee models. With 221 lb-ft of torque, it would provide more shove than the base Maverick.

Stellantis also has the 280 hp/306 lb-ft 2.0-liter engine found in the Alfa Romeo Giulia at its disposal, which would be more than adequate in this small truck. As for the interior, an earlier video (seen above) gives us a glimpse of what to expect. The Rampage will arrive with a digital driver's display, classy leather upholstery (presumably an option), and premium interior finishes.

Hopefully, we will see the Rampage in America, as it is shaping up to be a great little pickup truck. If that's the case, we can expect it to debut months after the South American launch, as the US-spec version will likely require further tweaks and developments to satisfy local needs.

Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube Ram do Brasil/YouTube

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