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New Range Rover Evoque Launching In 2019 With Velar Styling Cues

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Don't expect to see a hybrid model in the line-up, however.

It's been six years since Land Rover expanded the Range Rover family with the small Evoque SUV, so it's perhaps not surprising that Land Rover is preparing to unleash an all-new model. According to AutoExpress, the second-generation Range Rover Evoque will launch in 2019, with styling cues inspired by the recently-launched mid-sized Velar, better connectivity, and more personalization options, as well as greater efficiency and practicality. Exclusive images published by AutoExpress show how the design will be evolutionary, rather than revolutionary.

Design cues from the Velar will reportedly include new headlamps with the option of all-LED lighting, a more prominent front grille, and flush door handles. The taillights may also be tweaked to look like the Velar's, with more of a strip across the hatchback to make the SUV appear wider at the back. Land Rover may also raise the roofline to improve the Evoque's rear seat head room and cargo space. While the subtle styling changes won't look drastically different to the current model, the second-generation Evoque will ride on an updated version of Land Rover's established D8 platform, with a longer wheelbase stretched by 20 mm.

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Land Rover may regret reusing the D8 platform for the new Evoque, however, because it isn't future proof. According to AutoExpress, the ageing architecture can't accommodate any form of electrification – not even mild hybrids. This means the new Evoque is likely to be the last new Land Rover SUV offered without any electrified engines as JLR begins its push for electrification models across its line-up. While you won't find any hybrid engines on the new Evoque's options list, the platform can still accommodate JLR's Ingenium engines. Gasoline variants will reportedly pack 247-hp and 296-hp, while the diesel engines will have outputs of 148-hp, 178-hp and 237-hp.

Demand for the current model is still showing no signs of slowing down, so Land Rover is in no rush to introduce the next Evoque. After all, the Evoque is Land Rover's best-selling SUV, with 600,000 units sold since it launched in 2011. AutoExpress estimates it will make its public debut in fall 2018 before starting customer deliveries in spring 2019.