New Rimac Configurator Is Worthy Of A $2.4 Million Hypercar

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It's powered by Nvidia graphics.

When you're spending over $2 million on a car like the 2022 Rimac Nevera, a phenomenal purchasing experience is to be expected. This includes everything from the delivery to basic elements like the configurator. Lotus recently launched a video game-like configurator for its Emira sports car, and Rimac has struck back with its latest 3D software powered by the Nvidia Omniverse Cloud.

For those unfamiliar with the tech space, Nvidia is a software company that works on graphics for computers, smart phones, and other devices. Nvidia teamed up with Rivian, giving it access to software and infrastructure for an ultra-realistic online configurator that's available to sample now.

Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia

We played around with the configurator to see how it differs from others we've sampled. Upon first inspection, many of the options feel similar to a basic build and price tool. Users can select from a palette of eight exterior colors, five interior combinations, and six wheel patterns. The configurator renders any changes remarkably quickly since the Nvidia software doesn't need to pre-render each layer.

Nvidia also added a few special touches to this configurator that make it feel unique from the rest. For example, users can change the lighting from day to night, open the driver/passenger doors, deploy the rear spoiler, turn the lights on and off, and even listen to background music.

Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia

Out of all the possible configurations, we found ourselves partial to the bright orange exterior paint with matching orange interior and gold wheels. Alternatively, the dark blue color also pairs quite nicely with the orange interior. The configurator looks particularly realistic, showing the leather and carbon fiber in the cabin.

Everything rendered in the software feels highly realistic, befitting of a car that costs seven figures. The configurator is useful for customers because it gives them a better idea of what their car will look like in person before it's built. On the back end, it will allow artists and designers to work on the car without having to recreate each element to be shown in a single scene. This means Rimac doesn't have to manually render every option a new layer, and customers see the genuine CAD fidelity datasets with full fidelity and physically accurate materials.

Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia

The Rimac Nevera looks like one of the ultimate hypercars in the new all-electric era. It produces 1,914 horsepower from four electric motors, good for a 0-60 mph sprint in just 1.85 seconds. A quarter-mile run will take only 8.6 seconds in the Nevera, and the top speed is a staggering 258 mph. It also has a 287-mile electric range in America.

We've already seen some interesting specs for the Nevera, including the subtle-but-tasteful silver over red and black spec for its first US customer car.

If you can nab one of the 150 examples, we suggest playing around with the configurator to build your dream car. And if $2.4 million is a tad outside your price range, just have fun playing around with it.

Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia Rimac/Nvidia

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