New Rivian R1X Will Be A 1,200-HP Bronco Raptor Killer

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The electric truck maker is working on a rally-inspired performance SUV.

Some EV manufacturers choose to take on Tesla by emulating the Texas-based carmaker. Others do something completely different. Rivian falls into the latter category. Instead of building sports cars and sedans, it started with a truck - the R1T. That's proven to be a success, so an SUV (the R1S) is next. But what comes after that? We know that further down the line, the R2 platform will underpin more SUVs of varying sizes, but Rivian isn't done with the R1 platform just yet.

The American automaker is working on a new model called the R1X, which will be an electric equivalent to a Ford Bronco Raptor in that its goal is to be a high-speed off-roader with big clearances and big performance. But unlike the Braptor, the R1X is rumored to get up to1,200 horsepower.


MotorTrend reports that the R1X's goal is to be the ultimate SUV both on-road and off it. According to the report, sources within the company claim the R1X to be a rally-inspired performance SUV. It'll be shorter than the R1S and only have two rows of seating. It'll also be jacked up high on off-road suspension with off-road tires.

The batteries and electric motors are reported to be all-new, which would explain the jump from the current 835 hp in the R1T to the claimed 1,200 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. Four motors will give the SUV permanent all-wheel drive and individual wheel torque vectoring possibilities. The motors are slated to use carbon-sleeved rotors; if that sounds familiar, it's because it's the same tech found in the motors of the Tesla Model S Plaid.


While other information seems scant at this stage, CarBuzz has discovered the R1X name is owned by Rivian. A trademark application was filed back in March 2021 but, at present, has not been approved. Its international classification is 12 - vehicles and automobiles.

CarBuzz reached out to Rivian for comment, with a company spokesperson stating, "There's a lot of renderings out there of varying quality. Today, we're focused on our ramp of R1T, R1S and EDV and supporting the 2025 launch and ramp of our R2 vehicle platform."

The R1X is expected to be revealed in 2023 and hit the streets in 2024. Commanding a six-figure price tag, it will not be eligible for the proposed new tax rebates that favor affordable vehicles - something Rivian has already taken exception to.

Source Credits: MotorTrend

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