New Rolls-Royce Ghost Will Be One Of The World's Quietest Cars

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An extraordinary amount of time and effort went into eliminating any source of undesirable noise.

Is there another automaker that is as obsessed with sound insulation as Rolls-Royce? Probably not. The marque prides itself on creating the most luxurious environment possible in all its cars, and the new Rolls-Royce Ghost is expected to continue this tradition.

After a teaser that left much to the imagination and the news that the Ghost will come with all-wheel drive, a new animated video has been released showcasing just how far Rolls-Royce went to ensure that its best-selling model is as tranquil as possible.

The design process has been called the 'Formula For Serenity' and is based on feedback from clients that a near-silent cabin is crucial. There are other super quiet cars out there that don't cost the earth, of course, but Rolls-Royce truly takes it to another level.


It begins with the Ghost's aluminum spaceframe architecture; the brand says that compared to steel, this offers a higher acoustic impedance. Not that the 6.75-liter V12 is known for waking up a quiet neighborhood, but Rolls-Royce has incorporated a double-skinned bulkhead section to isolate the mighty engine from the cabin anyway.

Added to this, 220 pounds of sound-absorbing materials are used in cavities found in the trunk, floor, and roof. Double-glazed windows are no surprise in several cheaper luxury sedans, but keeping tire roar out is a trickier challenge. That's why Rolls went as far as using tires containing lightweight acoustic insulation foam.

All other components were carefully monitored for any undesirable noises. For instance, the team found that the inside of the air conditioning ducts created an unacceptable sound as air entered the cabin - these were remedied, of course.


The marque took it so far that at some point, the acoustic team realized that a lack of any sound at all could be disorientating. That's why a soft 'whisper' undertone was engineered into components such as the damping units of the seat frames. With this process, everything that occupants hear is tuned to a specific low frequency that is pleasing, but not intrusive.

"The extraordinary acoustic quality of the new Ghost is the result of significant engineering developments and fastidious attention to detail," said Tom Davis-Reason, who heads up the acoustic engineering team. "There is simply no way we could have created such an acoustically refined environment using a steel platform."

This extraordinary focus on acoustics is typical of the brand and the new Ghost should add new meaning to the term 'Sleeper Car'.

2015-2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost Star-Filled Sky Rolls-Royce

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