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New Rolls-Royce Option Brings Excess To A New Level

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There may be such a thing as too much money.

Imagine you are a billionaire on your way home from an important business meeting, unwinding in the back of your chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Yeah, we know it's pretty difficult to imagine, but if you were in this situation, you would probably want to have a nice relaxing drink on hand. Rolls-Royce cars often include a built-in area to store alcoholic beverages, which is of little use in the United States where it is illegal to drive with alcohol in the car (even if it is in the back seat).

But don't worry wealthy captains of industry, because Rolls-Royce has a new accessory that may be a bit more useful in the US. Rolls-Royce is now introducing a new champagne chest, which Gavin Hartley, Head of Bespoke Design at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars says "is crafted for those that seek a heightened sense of occasion in an elegant, entertaining manner and offers the irresistible allure of gadgetry."

Just like a Rolls-Royce vehicle, this new champagne chest is crafted using the finest materials available. Its chassis is made using machined aluminum and carbon fiber, which is then swathed in natural grain black leather and embossed with the Spirit of Ecstasy before being flanked by Tudor Oakwood. Of course, if an owner would prefer to customize the chest with unique leather and wood, Rolls-Royce is happy to oblige.

At the press of a button, the chest opens to reveal a champagne set for four people, which includes four cotton napkins with embroidered 'RR' monograms. In its open position, the chest is illuminated from the central bay to light up the dazzling, hand-blown crystal champagne flutes. The sides also open to reveal two hammocks finished in 'Hotspur Red' Rolls-Royce leather to cradle additional champagne, caviar or hors d'oeuvres.

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The chest also features a special caviar configuration with two thermal caviar caissons, each with enough space for a 30-gram tin. Guests can then eat the caviar using Mother-of-Pearl spoons with anodized aluminum handles that hang magnetically from a hammock. If this all sounds incredibly fancy, that's because it is. The caviar chest is available for £37,000 (around $47,000) if you feel like your current Rolls-Royce isn't eloquent enough to hold an extravagant caviar and champagne soiree.