New Rumor Hints At BMW-Power For Next Jaguar F-Type

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First the Supra, now the F-Type. BMW power is spreading.

Although only recently refreshed for the 2019 model year, speculation has already begun about the next generation Jaguar F-Type. Some rumors indicate it could be replaced by a new, mid-engine sports car called the J-Type, while other rumors point to the F-Type going electric. Now, Car Magazine believes the 2020 F-Type will arrive as a lighter, roomier model with a new power source. The UK outlet believes the F-Type will ditch the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 in favor of an engine from BMW. This would be the second recent sports car (the first being the Toyota Supra) to borrow BMW power.

Reports point towards a larger successor that will compete more closely with the Porsche 911. This means the F-Type could adopt a 2+2 seating layout in favor of the current car's strictly two-seat arrangement. Car Magazine's sources within the Jaguar supply chain believe the new F-Type will build a new aluminum architecture that should be lighter than the current car.

The car has been given the internal codename, Project Jennifer, and is expected to borrow BMW's 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 pumping out 560 horsepower. This is the same engine found in the recently revealed 8 Series Coupe. Jaguar's supercharged V8 pumps out 575 hp in SVR trim but we would guess that the BMW engine could be tuned to produce more power for a later SVR model.


The main reason for the switch is the fuel economy. BMW's twin-turbo unit is far more efficient than Jaguar's supercharged V8 and should help the company reach stricter fuel economy standards. Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed and no details were given on what will happen to the four-cylinder and V6 versions of the F-Type or the rumored mid-engined model.


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