New S-Class Coupe to Mirror Stunning Concept


Mercedes design boss reveals production S Class Coupe will be practically identical to the concept. As well it should.

The S-Class Coupe Concept was one of the stars of Frankfurt 2013. Those lucky enough to see it in the metal pleaded with Mercedes to send it to production without making a single change, and according to Autocar their wish was the Silver Star's command. Design boss Jan Kaul revealed the concept is "very close to the production version," as well it should be. The real coupe will be slightly higher and narrower with a front end that has "less of a shark nose." The 21-inch wheels will be scaled back to 20 inches for the production model.

"A car like this is very much part of Mercedes' coupe history; when we started on the project we imagined the kind of car that might be driven in a James Bond movie," says Kaul. While the interior will lose the vent designs and huge aluminum door trim, the large LCD display, made up of two 12.3-inch screens, the center console switchgear, steering wheel, central control dial and the bulk of the door switchgear are all production parts. The S-Class Coupe is looking to attract Bentley Continental GT buyers, and if the coupe doesn't do it, the upcoming cabriolet just might.

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