New Saleen Supercar is On the Way

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After regaining control of his company, Steve Saleen has just announced plans to build a new supercar as well as an EV.

Back in 2007, Steve Saleen left the high-performance car company he founded due to a dispute with management. But last year he returned triumphant and managed to reacquire the Saleen brand and name. Since that time he's worked to merge his SMS Signature Cars with the original Saleen Autosport. And not only is that merger now complete, but the company has just announced that it's raised some $3 million in investments in order to fund new projects.

Along with tuned Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros as well as aftermarket parts and accessories, the new and improved Saleen Auto has also announced plans for a new supercar along with high-performance electric cars. Although plans for both the supercar and EV are not clear at the moment, Steve Saleen himself proudly announced that "We are excited to...enter into the next stage of our growth, as we bring these automobiles into the mainstream and grow our retail presence into new markets in the US. We are also developing high-performance electric vehicles targeting the zero-emissions segment."

The creator of the S7 supercar has always come through to produce top quality high-performance cars and we have no doubt that he's up to the task of doing it again. Whether this means we'll soon see a production version of S5S Raptor concept or something new entirely remains unknown for now but what's for certain is that great things are about to happen here.

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