New Saleen Supercar Will Be the S8

And it'll be all-American.

Now that Steve Saleen has successfully reassumed control over the sports car and high-performance tuning firm he started many years ago, things like building a new supercar can get back on track. The last time there was a Saleen supercar, the S7, was in 2004. It was on the market for only four years but it certainly made a huge impression. Today, however, comes word that a successor is underway, although an official launch date is still unknown.

Set to be called the S8, there are literally no details about it at this time, only that it’s happening. Saleen himself has gone on record stating that "We haven’t forgotten about the supercar genre. We are working on what we’ll call the S8 and continuation of the American supercar." The S5S Raptor concept, unveiled in 2008, could potentially serve as the starting basis for the S8, but again Saleen didn’t divulge any details. For the moment, just be content that it's happening.

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