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New Shelby Mustang GT500 Set For Major Aero Upgrades

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Patent filings reveal new GT500’s aerodynamic components.

In less than a week, the all-new 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will be revealed in all its glory at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. We already know what it looks like thanks to leaked photos and a leaked spec sheet suggesting its 5.2-liter supercharged V8 will generate 720 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

We now also may know some new details about the car's aerodynamic components thanks to patent filings discovered by Motor1. It should be noted that they may not apply to the GT500, but they were filed by Ford and some include diagrams that clearly show the Mustang's distinctive bodywork.

The first patent details the car's active brake cooling ducts. It shows the front clip of a Mustang with a description that explains how the cooling ducts direct airflow to different wheels for optimal cooling. Another shows an underbody shield that channels air to improve downforce and fuel economy, although there isn't a Mustang photo. An active hood vent system is shown in another patent, and while the diagram depicts a Ford Focus, the GT500's supercharged V8 would certainly benefit from this system considering the amount of heat it will generate.

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A more mysterious patent shows a system of sensors installed on vehicles with vented hoods and rain guards designed to allow airflow into the engine bay to protect against rain. This would automatically limit the vehicle speed or warn the driver when the rain tray is implemented to prevent damage to the tray.

Another patent with Mustang-specific imagery shows a front splitter and side splitters, which will definitely feature on the GT500. Finally, the last patent shows a strut-tower brace made of magnesium.

We'll have to wait until January 14 to find out if the new GT500 features any of these components.