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Tesla Makes Model 3 Harder To Steal

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Why wasn't this simple update released a lot sooner?

The latest software update has been rolled out for the Tesla Model 3, which includes a simple but effective anti-theft system that makes the EV a lot harder for car thieves to steal. The update now requires a username and password to disable mobile access. "For additional security, your Tesla username and password will be required when disabling mobile access. To adjust the car's mobile access setting, go to Controls > Safety > Allow Mobile Access," Tesla wrote in the release notes.

Essentially, mobile access allows Tesla owners to remotely locate their vehicles. The feature was previously accessible through the Tesla app without re-submitting a user's password. Unfortunately, this made it easier for tech-savvy car thieves to steal Model 3s since they only needed to know the car's location and clone a key fob to gain access. Tesla hopes this small change will put an end to this as thieves would now need to know your Tesla account details to disable the feature. Frankly, this update should have been released a lot sooner.

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The other new feature introduced in the update is an improved climate control system that gives you more control of the air vents. You can now focus air from the vents onto one area, or pinch to split the airflow. The 3D visualization of the dashboard has also been tweaked to display airflow in the center region more clearly. To allow for more precision, you can also now drag the air to the desired area instead of tapping.