New Sport Exhaust Makes BMW M240i Sound Like An M4

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The pricey exhaust kit promises more performance and a throatier sound.

Over the years, the BMW 3 Series has grown to the point where the current generation G20 is as large as an E39 5 Series. Yes, it's still a joyous sedan to pilot, but it's lost the finesse and delicacy of early 3er. Many have said the 2 Series Coupe is the true successor of the E30, and when sampled in M240i guise, we have to agree.

It's a wonderful little coupe that packs a mighty punch and, aside from the polarizing styling, it's nearly perfect... except for one thing. It may be powered by a gem of a straight-six engine, but it doesn't quite have the bark to match its bite. That's where Milltek Sport comes in.

Milltek Sport Milltek Sport

Thankfully, the British-based (with global outlets including in the USA) Milltek Sport has come up with a solution to the problem. There are plenty of choices and, depending on requirements (or local laws), buyers can specify a particular filter or cat-back variant. Either way, the company notes improved performance, acoustics, and style.

Speaking of style, there are numerous finishes to select from. If you want a factory look, the original tips can be retained. However, the company also offers Cerakote Black or polished Milltek Sport tips. The exhaust is built from T304L stainless steel for maximum durability.

Milltek Sport Milltek Sport

The BMW M240i xDrive was never a bad-sounding car, but there was always potential for it to have a mightier roar. Milltek Sport's upgrades give the coupe a deeper, baritone growl. Some won't appreciate the added pops and bangs, though.

So, if you're an M240i xDrive owner and you're craving a richer exhaust note, how much will this set you back? The company notes the system costs £1,439 (approx. $1,700) which is a lot of money. But when you realize the system has been developed and manufactured in-house - with additional testing and development work in Germany - it's a small price to pay for a quality modification.

BMW Rearward Vision BMW Side View BMW
Rearward Vision
Side View

The company also offers exhaust solutions for the M3/M4 and is preparing to develop a system for the upcoming M3 Touring, a performance wagon sadly not coming to the United States. The tuner says it plans to introduce handmade titanium performance exhausts for the M3 and M4 ranges as well.

If you're looking to add some style into the equation, perhaps you should treat your M240i to a body kit from Manhart Performance as well. The tuner often splits opinion with some of its designs, but the MH2 450 looks rather good. Save for the flashy gold trim, the German company has managed to actually improve the looks of the coupe.

Milltek Sport Milltek Sport Milltek Sport Milltek Sport

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