New Study Finds BMW Drivers Actually "Most Considerate" Of All

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Take that, Volvo owners.

Don't judge a book by its cover. The automotive equivalent of this saying would probably be "don't judge a car by its driver" which is pretty fair when you consider how many excellent cars get ruined by idiot drivers on a daily basis. A few examples spring to mind: Subaru drivers who ruin their interiors with clouds of vape smoke, and BMW drivers who make it their profession to be pigs on the road. The latter, it turns out, is completely false: BMW, which is known for building excellent driving cars such as the new M4, and the riotous M5 CS, actually has the most considerate drivers of all, according to a 2021 study conducted by the Institute Of Driver Behavioral Studies (IDBS) in Norway.

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The IDBS recently conducted one of the most thorough studies of driver behavior ever conducted and included 36 countries in its survey, including the United States. Over 30,000 car owners and 20,000 pedestrians were surveyed about driver behavior relating to car brands, with some of the main areas of consideration being patience, consideration for other road users, and the driver's ability to stick to the rules of the road. In an astonishing swing of perception, the institute revealed that BMW drivers are actually the most considerate of them all.

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"After a thorough analysis of our surveys, we came to the conclusion that BMW drivers are not only the most considerate drivers, but are considered the best road users by far, and that includes cyclists, bus drivers, and even dog walkers," said Alfred Lure, head of research at IDBS.

The study, revealed today April 1, dispels years of BMW drivers being bad-mouthed for their inability to conquer even the most basic elements of driving a car, such as using one's indicator. The study did however indicate that Audi drivers are now considered the worst around.

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