New Study Shows Americans Favor Flying Cars - If They Have Parachutes

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And those flying cars should be EVs, too.

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has found that a majority of respondents liked the idea of flying cars, but with a few conditions. KSLA 12 News, via Raycom News Network, first reported that, according to the study, which consisted of an online survey of 508 adults, about 80 percent responded that it's "extremely or very important" for flying cars to have parachutes. And instead of taking off and landing like an airplane, they should be inspired by helicopters.

The safety of flying cars was naturally a concern, so it's no surprise that more than 60 percent claimed they'd be "very concerned" about this issue, especially when asked to consider how flying cars would respond in crowded airspace or in bad weather. However, 41 percent also claimed to be "very interested" in at least going for a ride in a self-driving and self-flying car, compared to 26 percent who preferred to pilot/drive the cars themselves. And what would likely delight Elon Musk, about 60 percent said that any flying car should be powered by electricity. "Until very recently, flying cars have existed primarily in the realm of science fiction, although patents for such vehicles extend to the early years of aviation," the study's abstract states.

"However, recently there has been a rapid increase in interest in flying cars from companies ranging from large, international manufacturers to a variety of start-ups." As most are already well aware, we're still quite a few years away from flying cars, and the researchers specifically note that major technological, traffic-control, and licensing issues" will need to be addressed.

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