New Subaru BRZ "Most Exciting" Model Yet

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Only 500 slated for production.

Toyota and Subaru love to tease us about 86 and BRZ variants we really want but haven't got a hope of reaching production. Toyota, for instance, has teased drop-top and shooting brake editions of its 2+2 sports car, whereas Subaru decides it's better to release special editions that only bring new paint jobs to the table instead of, you know, the proper STi makeover we'd love to see on display in a Subaru showroom some day. As a result, we weren't quite sure what to make of the latest BRZ variant - the newly-announced 'Series.Yellow' edition.

Unusual use of punctuation aside, this Series.Yellow edition is a somewhat interesting limited-run series of Subaru BRZ. The bright yellow paintwork is arguably the most obvious new addition to the Boxer-powered sports car, as are the equally vivid inserts, bolstered leather-and-Alcantara sports seats and the yellow stitching throughout the interior. On top of those cosmetic extras, the Series.Yellow model also cherry picks the best bits from the 2017MY facelift to the Subaru BRZ. A 4.2-inch LCD screen that displays tons of detailed schematics, a 205-hp four-cylinder engine, a slightly shorter final drive ratio for improved acceleration and adjustable SACHS Performance shock absorbers all come loaded into the Series.Yellow edition.

Further sweetening the deal is that the Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow will be limited to a mere 500 units (for comparison's purposes, the production run for the Subaru BRZ Series.Blue from a few years ago was capped at 1,000 units). Subaru USA hasn't announced any specific prices or release dates just yet, but has stated the BRZ Series.Yellow will go on sale sometime in 2017.

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