New Supercharger For Mustang Shelby GT500 Will Make Big Power

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If 760 horsepower isn't enough for you, this should do the trick.

In the year 2020, 760 horsepower is still a whole heck of a lot of thrust. That's the factory-claimed peak output figure of the new 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and it's enough to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just over 3 seconds, and blast through the quarter-mile in 10.7 secs.

But there will always be those who crave more power, and Magnuson has just the thing for them: a new supercharger kit for the GT500's 5.2-liter "Predator" V8, which displaces 3.1 liters to the factory blower's 2.65. At its heart is Eaton's new TVS ("Twin Vortices Series") R3100 supercharger rotors, which builds on the legacy established by Eaton's TVS R2650.

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Eaton's Vehicle Group Aftermarket Product Manager, Jeffry Saxton, calls the R3100 the "next step in performance" from the TVS platform, building off of that design with specialized coatings and optimized component weight for maximum performance across a broad range of operating speeds. It moves at least 10 percent more air than the R2650, Eaton says, while fitting within virtually the same footprint.

The new R3100 Magnuson kit for the Shelby GT500 will launch early in 2021, but the company hasn't yet announced what sort of performance can be expected after the upgrade. Given its displacement and promises regarding increased air delivery, we're looking for 800 peak horsepower at a minimum - especially after Hennessey has managed to boost the 5.0L Mustang GT to 808 horsepower with a 3.0L supercharger upgrade.

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Nor has Magnuson Superchargers yet announced pricing for the kit, although it's likely to cost a pretty penny; aftermarket supercharger kits tend to cost several thousand dollars, depending on the blower and what all is required in the way of related upgrades. Of course, next to the $70k starting price of the Shelby GT500, we're not sure a few thousand more makes all that much of a difference - especially when there are great big power gains to be had.

Hopefully, we'll have all the details on Magnuson's new 3.1L supercharger kit for the 2020 Shelby GT500 in due time.

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