New Suzuki For the Global Market in 2012?

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It's a known fact that Suzuki is trying hard to expand their sales beyond Asia. More specifically, the Japanese automaker really wants to have a breakthrough in their North American sales. Already a well regarded brand in Europe, mainly due to the Swift hatchback, Suzuki is now exploring the international waters with the new R3 concept. Displayed at the 2010 New Delhi auto show, the R3 could appear as early as 2012 in production form in India.

The automaker hopes to expand into other right-hand drive markets as well. Offering three rows of seating that can fit seven passengers, the R3 does have global potential. However, in order for it to meet the standards of approval for foreign markets, a globalized R3 would need to have higher quality materials and safety features come as standard equipment, effectively driving up the price in the Indian domestic market. In order to solve these hurdles, Suzuki will most likely look to Volkswagen, who is currently their main shareholder.

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