New Teenage Drivers Should Drive These Cars For Your Safety And Probably Theirs

Well, mostly our safety.

You experience them just about every day and wished you hadn’t; the new driver. They are amongst us, doing stupid shit behind the wheel that doesn’t already include messing around on their phones in the thick of traffic. OK, so experienced drivers aren’t always perfect themselves (trust us, we know), but there’s a reason why teenagers have the highest insurance rates next to Lindsey Lohan and that dumbass Justin Bieber.

So what are the best cars to keep new drivers and the rest of us alive in case of a crash (which will happen)? Here are some of the safest, most reliable, cheap to insure, semi-new cars out there today. For the record, all of these used cars should cost less than $20,000, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Don't let some sleazy used car sales person convince you otherwise.

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