New Territory For Australia

Australians tend to have pretty similar taste in cars to Americans, and Automakers learned a long time ago that a winning formula in one country will generally work in the other. So while it might be true that Australians don't have a Taurus-based Explorer, what they do have is a Falcon-based Territory, pretty much the same thing. Since the Explorer got a redesign for 2011, you can probably guess what Ford has done this year for the Australians.

There isn't much information on the new Territory yet, apart from the pictures, we do know that Ford will offer at least one diesel engine but won't be offering a manual transmission for any of the engines. The interior makes it pretty clear that this is essentially a tall Falcon, although the fact that the interior borrows heavily from the Falcon isn't likely to generate many complaints. The exterior styling looks good; although it has been pointed out that the front fascia might draw a little too heavily from Aston Martin.

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